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Production Rigger

We are currently looking for a full time Production Rigger!

The role of the production rigger is crucial to each show’s success. The PR is involved with all departments of a production, so a solid working knowledge of the entertainment industry is a must.


A strong background in indoor/outdoor structures, hardware uses and capacities, and ETCP/ANSI Standards are the cornerstone of this position. The PR is also one of the faces of our company, so excellent communication, people, and problem-solving skills are imperative.


Understanding how to make decisions that will positively affect each project, and effectively lead a team are paramount to this position. A level head and the ability to stay cool under pressure are an absolute must. It is the nature of our industry that things are constantly in flux- the ability to be flexible and keep up with the changes while maintaining a great attitude will be key to success in this role.




Minimum Requirements

  • work on multiple projects at a time and be organized on each

  • Interface with our clients and coordinate multiple departments to ensure all details are thought out thoroughly

  • Work closely with our engineer to ensure safety

  • Problem solving skills, and thinking outside the box while constantly reinventing the wheel

  • Building and prepping shows

  • Work closely with set shops in dealing with how scenery is constructed, built, and engineered

  • Participate in daily morning meetings with Killswitch team

  • Be the face of Killswitch on site

  • Comprehensive drafting of spaces and show drawings

  • Be able to travel outside of the State, possibly for multiple weeks in a row

  • Be available for calls and emails at all times.  In this line of work, work extends into weekends and nights.

  • ETCP certified

  • Ability to oversee and instruct proper fall protection standards across multiple depts on site

  • Fully Vaccinated/ vaccination card

  • Proficient in Vectorworks and drawing in 3d

  • Valid drivers license/ valid Passport


  • 8+ years experience as a rigger in the live entertainment industry

  • Microsoft suite proficient

  • Zoom proficient

  • Apple ios proficient

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Fork lift, boom lift, scissor lift certified

  • Strong written and oral communication skills

  • The ability to lead and motivate crews

  • The ability to sit in and participate in production meetings and communicate with producers/directors and network personnel

  • The strong work ethic and high energy

  • A good understanding on OSHA/ANSI standards

  • The ability to comply with and enforce all fall protection/Killswitch/OSHA    safety protocols


Bonus credits-

  • College degree

  • IRTAT/ SPRAT certifications

  • Multiple ETCP Certs

  • OSHA 30 certificates

  • CM/Chain master Certs

  • IATSE knowledge of crews across the country

  • Fall Protection Competent Person cert

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