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Production Coordinator

We’re currently looking for a Production Coordinator.  Their main role would be working with the Killswitch team to execute the budgeting, scheduling, organization and completion of all projects.   They will serve as a liaison between the third-party vendors, the operations of Killswitch, and the production team.  


The role of the production coordinator includes, but is not limited to-

  • Attend daily meetings

  • Work in the shop to assist management, office staff, and shop needs

  • Work with third party venders to compile project quotes

  • Work with all Killswitch employees and venders

  • Assist in site surveys and meetings

  • Occasionally work on site in assisting KS Staff

  • Organizing all of the data per project

  • Able to work on multiple projects at a time, and follow thru with changes

  • Vender pick up and deliveries when needed

  • Follow projects from inception to completion

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